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Reserve A Seat For Your Child In Our Weekly Classes In 2021

Our Premier P3-6 Regular Science Classes are helmed by our effective C3 pedagogy and teaching techniques developed by Germinate’s Principal, My Pals P5 & 6 Science Test Xtra Author, and experienced former PSLE Science marker Jayce Or. 


♥ Why Us?

As one of the leading boutique Primary Science providers, we offer quality Regular Science Weekly Classes with:

  • A strong emphasis on Conceptual Rigour according to MOE Primary Science syllabus 
  • An effective C3 Methodology for building Science Process Skills
  • A mastery of relevant techniques, making connections to real life 
  • Hands-on engagement to make science come alive
  • A Dynamic Group Environment 
  • A Program that teaches “Heart” Science not just Hard Science that is known to convert students to love Science!

We are pleased to share that Germinate Science Regular Classes will be offered in the following modes in 2021:

Pre-register by 13 Dec 2020 to enjoy Early Bird Savings of up to $400!



Please read our Regular Class Terms and Conditions & FAQ  & Online Vs Hybrid Classes for more details


♥ About our 2021 Registration Process
1. Registration is required for ALL P3-6 students enrolling in Y2021 regular class.
2. As each class has limited slots, please register early to secure your child’s place with your preferred class option.
3. Seats are allocated on a first-come-first-serve arrangement.
4. Priority will be given to students in this following order:
– Existing regular students who are looking to retain their existing slot in AY2020
– Existing regular students who are looking to change their existing slot in AY2020
– Siblings of current students
– Prospective students who are able to join our regular science classes as early as possible
5. Prefer to experience what our AY2021 Regular Science Classes will be like before registering? Join us for a Discovery Lesson here


How to Pre-register for 2021 Classes [Now till 13 Dec 2020]
Important Details for Parents on our Pre-registration Process:
1. Submit the interest form below with your preferred class to view our exclusive early bird promotional packages.
2. Fill up the pre-registration form in the next page and proceed to make a registration payment of $50 to reserve your seat.
3. You will receive an email acknowledgement of your pre-registration upon successful payment and your child’s seat will be reserved.
4. We will contact you via email with a class offer and payment details once the minimum number of students is reached, between now to no later than 14 Dec 2020.
5. Please refer to Terms and Conditions & FAQ & Online Vs Hybrid Classes for details


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