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Dear Parents,

Thank you for registering your child for all our weekly Germinate Science classes for AY2021.

The class you have selected has been confirmed.

Please complete the payment for the class within 3 working days of receiving the class offer email.

We look forward to supporting you and your child in this learning journey! 


♥ Teacher Jayce & the Germinate Team



[IMPORTANT – Please read]

1. Germinate will require parents to select their preferred payment fee/ package prior to the commencement of the lessons and pay via fund transfer or the website within 3 working days of the class offer.

2. In the event that fee payment was not made within 3 working days of the class offer, vacancy may be released to the next student on the waiting list. Should the student wish to join us after the due date, Germinate reserves the rights to collect a registration fee again, before sending a new class offer.

3. Students will be successfully enrolled in the class on a first come first serve basis, with priority given to our existing students and their siblings. Enrollment for all classes will be closed once we hit the maximum quorum, and subsequent interest will be put on the waiting list.

4. Germinate reserves the right to offer promotional course fee/package during the academic year.

5. Please note that such fees and packages apply strictly to the promotional period and will be subject to change and/or revert to usual program fees AFTER the stated promotional period is over.

Eg. To illustrate this, do note that if you opt for the Term or Gold Package payment plan at a promotional rate, the course fee for the subsequent term renewal will no longer be offered at the same promotional rates.

6. Germinate reserves the right to change the promotional period for offer.

7. Please refer to Terms and ConditionsFAQ Online Vs Hybrid Classes for details.



Fill up enrollment form below, click on submit button and proceed to make payment

Payment can be done via

(1) Paynow/Paylah to Germinate Training & Consultancy (UEN: 53362105D)

Send the screenshot of the transaction to email:


(2) Fund transfer to UOB Current account (450-316-558-3)
Send the screenshot of the bank transfer to email:


(3) Paypal

By proceeding with the cart payment


You will receive a confirmation email once payment is received

**This offer is only valid within 3 working days of class offer**

AY2021 Germinate Regular Class Early Bird Enrollment





Preferred Venue and Timeslot *Unless stated online, all classes are hybrid* *
[For Hybrid Class Only] Option to stay online in their hybrid class for Term 1