Welcome to the Renewal Page for AY2021 Regular Class! 


For Term 3, we will continue to offer Germinate Science Regular Classes in the following modes:

♥ About our Renewal Process
1. Priority will be given to students in this following order:
– Existing regular students who are looking to retain their existing slot/delivery mode.
– Existing regular students who are looking to change their existing slot/delivery mode.
2. Registration fee is waived for all renewal.
3. Renewal deadline for existing students is 13 May 2021. Late student renewals (after 13 May) may be subject to class availability. We reserve the right to offer the slot to the next student and collect registration fee again after this cutoff date.
4. For fully-online and hybrid (online only) students, we will send out Term 3 notes to your address on 17 May. Please let us know if you have changed your address by 13 May. Kindly update us if you have not received the materials by 20 May.
5. For hybrid (onsite) students, we will hand out Term 3 notes to you in class during Term 3 Week 1.
6. As we do not charge a separate material fee on top of our regular fees, do note that any additional request to resend materials due to wrong address provided or loss of material will incur an additional administrative fee of $25.
7. Please refer to Terms and Conditions & FAQ & Online Vs Hybrid Classes for details

 Proceed with renewal

Fill up enrollment form below, click on submit button and proceed to make payment

Payment can be done via

(1) Paynow/Paylah to Germinate Training & Consultancy (UEN: 53362105D)

Send the screenshot of the transaction to email: germinate.sg@gmail.com


(2) Fund transfer to UOB Current account (450-316-558-3)
Send the screenshot of the bank transfer to email: germinate.sg@gmail.com


(3) Paypal

By proceeding with the cart payment

You will receive a confirmation email once payment is received

**This offer is only valid till 13 May 2021**

AY2021 Germinate Regular Class Renewal





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