Reinforce your techniques for P6 2021!

Primary 5 Decoding Open Ended Questions Masterclass:

“Gear Up in SMART Answering Strategies!”

P5 Decoding Open Ended Questions Masterclass: “Gear Up in SMART Answering Strategies” is a premier Primary 5 Answering Technique Workshop led by seasoned PSLE Science Specialist and experienced PSLE Marker Jayce Or, to help students decode Open Ended Science questions with specific emphasis on specific MOE Primary 3-5 Science curriculum.


Learn how to craft SMART SCIENCE ANSWERS!

S- Learn the difference between SCIENTIFIC answers and answers which miss out scientific concepts.

M– Learn the foundational METHODOLOGY and building blocks of answering Open Ended Questions.

A– Discover the ART of explaining your answers clearly and concisely.

RREALISE how easy it is to find clues to meet the question requirements.

TTRAIN yourself to minimize errors to achieve your targets.



In this 6 hour masterclass, the programme outline is as follows:

Part 1: Decoding SMART Science Techniques 

1. Nail the fundamentals in science answering techniques especially how to formulate SCIENTIFIC answers.

2. Learn a systematic method of science heuristics that can help you to decode ANY science question.

3. Be exposed to a range of essential question types commonly seen in P5 science papers and learn what to expect of them.

4. Train your eye to spot important clues and question requirements in any exam paper.

Part 2: Writing SMART Science Answers

1. Guided and targeted practice of SMART Science Techniques on questions classified according to different levels of difficulty.

2. Receive expert feedback on answers and clear explanations on WHY answers can or cannot make the cut!

3. Minimize pitfalls to incomplete answers that will lead to losing marks in the Science paper!

4. Correct conceptual errors to improve on the accuracy of writing answers.



            ” Her answers in Section B were more concise yet complete, and she was able to clearly zoom in on the concepts being tested!”


“Managed to Break Out Of His Rut…”


“Her interest grew and her marks improved!”


“…No longer studies JUST to do well in exams! ”



Primary 5 Decoding Open Ended Questions Masterclass:

“Gear Up in SMART Answering Strategies!”

*ONLINE EDITION for p6 2021 students*


Date: 25, 26 & 27 Nov 2020 (Wed-Fri)

Time: 9am – 11am

(2hrs x 3days = Total 6hrs)

Registration Closed!

*BENEFITS* 3 sessions x 2 hours of live online learning with Teacher Jayce 
– Real time feedback with “live” classroom interaction and on-spot review of answers
– Replay access to online class for 2 weeks
– Additional support of queries via email for 2 weeks

*BONUS ADD ON 1* Primary Science Common Misconceptions for Upper Block Video (1 month access)  ** Worth $89

Selected Topics:
– Air and Respiratory System
– States of Water
– Reproduction in Plants

*BONUS ADD ON 2* E-Infographic Revision Package on Common Misconceptions (Selected Topics) ** Worth $19

Total Value: $396

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1. Organizer reserves the right to change the venue and timing.
2. Organizer requires a minimum of 6 participants for class to commence.
3. There will be no refund 14 days prior to event.
4. If participant fails to turn up on actual day, there will be no refund or makeup.
5. Payment to be made at the point of booking. Please pay upon registration in this form.
6. Slot can only be confirmed when payment has been made on a first come first served basis.
7. All participants need a confirmation email of payment received from the organizer.
8. In the event that the session is cancelled due to insufficient number of participants, the fees would be refunded.

9. By attending this event, I understand that my child may be photographed during the workshop for marketing purposes. I agree to allow my child’s photo, video or film likeness to be used, without compensation for communication purposes, including, but not limited to the website, social media sites and the press by the event holders.