Calling all P4 & P5 Students

 conquer Experiment PROCESS SKILLS



WHY WILL your child need this?

Experimental-based questions take up 30% or more in a typical Science paper. 

In PSLE 2020 alone, experimental-based questions comprised a whopping 60% of Booklet B’s Open Ended Questions!

Your child can expect experiment-based questions to be tested in BOTH the multiple-choice section AND the open-ended section.

It is typical to find students even in upper primary struggling to understand how to tackle such questions confidently.



• Schools are time-scarce to cover experimental processes in detail during lab lessons.

• Students are often clueless how experiments are structured & designed.

• They have insufficient exposure to experimental processes and inquiry.

They lack a clear framework needed for answering the questions accurately.

They may not be aware of the specific sequence and steps that experiment questions require.



At Germinate, we teach our students the PEAK™ Experimental Thinking process, which helps impart the important thinking skills and processes needed to understand how to tackle experiment-based questions confidently.

Designed by PSLE Science Specialist and experienced former PSLE Science Marker, Mr Jayce Or, PEAK™ Experimental Thinking will eliminate the guesswork, and equip students with the step-by-step thought processes and systematic framework required to answer experiment questions effectively.


How your child will benefit:

No more confusion on Experimental Based Questions! 🤯

✅ Be trained in the thought processes and nature of experimental investigation. 

✅ Zoom in on common features, question terms and critical vocabulary used in experimental set ups.

✅ Analyse questions accurately with focus on important principles:

  • Aim of experiment, dependent, independent variables, control variables, experimental set-up
  • Concept of fair test vs reliable test vs accuracy test
  • Formulate a testable hypotheses
  • Describe the steps of experimenting 
  • Know how to represent experimental data through various methods 
  • Understand relationship between variables and experimental results
  • Using observations, data and trends to forecast results & draw continue 

✅ Apply process skills confidently on CURATED QUESTIONS COMMONLY SEEN IN  SCIENCE PAPERS.

✅ Conquer and apply key concepts in experimental design and plug gaps by getting experimental fundamentals RIGHT.

✅ Achieve competency in tackling important experiment type questions of varying difficulties.



Our Parent/student Testimonials

“Thanks for the great teaching and patience. Livio really enjoys it a lot. It is a great relief to walk out of the class confident, understood clearly something and being allowed to ask questions. It means so much to him! 

Ms Lisa Eu, Parent of Livio, P6

We saw signs that G wasn’t coping too well with his science and his SA1 results proved so. We decided to intervene with regular practice with assessment books and his issues showed up. My husband spent time walking through the subject with him, along with Jayce’s involvement two months before SA2. 
I attended Jayce’s parent workshop and walked away with much awareness and understanding of what the subject required and some tangible tools on how to help my child. It made a big difference in how we approached the subject. G also attended two Master classes a few days before his science paper. 
 It’s a continuous journey as we move towards upper primary, and we appreciate both the short term and long term help from Jayce.”
– Mrs Tan, Mother of G, P5



Recommended age group: P4 & P5

Experiment Questions Masterclass


Date: 9 Jun, Wed (Jun Holidays)

Time: 9am – 12noon (3 hours)

Venue: Online via Zoom



Online Masterclass includes

1. Replay access to online class for 2 weeks

2. Primary Science Quick Revision E-Infoguide: Matter & Its 3 States ** Worth $19

A concise guide for effective & efficient revision

Click here for more information on how we conduct our classes online

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1. Organizer reserves the right to change the venue and timing.
2. Organizer requires a minimum of 6 participants for class to commence.
3. There will be no refund 14 days prior to event.
4. If participant fails to turn up on actual day, there will be no refund or makeup.
5. Payment to be made at the point of booking. Please pay upon registration in this form.
6. Slot can only be confirmed when payment has been made on a first come first served basis.
7. All participants need a confirmation email of payment received from the organizer.
8. In the event that the session is cancelled due to insufficient number of participants, the fees would be refunded.

9. By attending this event, I understand that my child may be photographed during the workshop for marketing purposes. I agree to allow my child’s photo, video or film likeness to be used, without compensation for communication purposes, including, but not limited to the website, social media sites and the press by the event holders.