Total Duration: 3.5 hours

Instructor: Mr Jayce Or

Level: Recommended for P4-5

Module: Tackling Explanation Questions

Course: Smartcuts to Answering Techniques

Skills: Process Skills, Question Requirements


Course Synopsis:

Do you know that “Explain” type questions are the most commonly phrased question requirement asked in 70% of OEQs in every science paper? Yet many students develop frustrations in the science exam understanding what is required from this simple word.


  • How do you explain? 
  • What do you explain? 
  • How do you make sure your explanation is correct AND complete?


Using Germinate’s proven & proprietary PEAK Answering Technique Methodology, developed from extensive experience in coaching primary science & PSLE Science marking, Teacher Jayce teaches your child the common ways to tackle explanation questions and how to approach them systematically.


 Pre-Launch Exclusive Offer:

$49 (U.P. $149) for 100 Day Access

$99 (U.P. $199) for 365 Day Access


Starts in March Holidays

March Intake: Limited to 20 seats


How You Will Benefit

Germinate’s PEAK Methodology

Pedagogically-sound toolkit of techniques developed through extensive MOE teaching experience and PSLE marking standards. Helps students plug gaps in understanding science process skills in a simple straightforward way.


Power Thru’ Process Skills

The only “technique” course that builds core process skills competencies that are not explicitly taught in many schools.


Video Explanations

Learn at your own pace. Videos in bite sized pieces to suit the young learner. Pause or replay the videos as often as required to achieve complete understanding.


Q & A Support

In-depth questions come after deliberate practice and thinking. Get your questions answered in a dedicated Facebook group.


Printable Worksheets

Effective learning goes hand in hand with targeted practice with curated question sets to test skills taught. Print and attempt the worksheets before viewing the video solutions.