Presenting Germinate’s Skills Builder Series

Germinate is pleased to kickstart our inaugural Skills Builder Series in 2018; where we hope to offer parents and children support platforms through talks and sharing with our collaborative partners on subjects relevant to educating and nurturing the whole child.

We hope this will go toward the strengthening of your growing child’s skill-sets and enhance parenting confidence in subject areas that support their child to thrive and develop.

This Month’s Featured Talk: 25 February, Sunday (2-5pm)

2-3.30pm: 7 Skills Your Upper Primary Child Must Have to Tackle PSLE Science

                    Speaker: Mr Jayce Or, PSLE Science Specialist, Principal, Germinate

3.30-5pm: Focus and Concentration

                    Speaker: Mr Mark Lim, Lead Trainer, The Social Factor


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7 Skills Your Upper Primary Child Must Have to Tackle PSLE Science (1.5 hr Preview Talk)

Do you know that 9 out of 10 students are lacking in these 7 Essential Skills that will help them tackle PSLE Science? 
Is your child one of them? 
In this preview talk for parents, Jayce Or, experienced PSLE Science Specialist and former MOE PSLE Science marker, helps parents reframe and synthesize a clear and effective framework for helping their child tackle Primary Science with confidence. 
Talk Synopsis
1. Uncover the essential thought processes that undergird a successful foundation to excel in PSLE Science. 
2. Understand the focus and emphasis of MOE Science process skills
3. Learn more about the 7 Essential Skills to Tackle Primary Science and how to help your child acquire and master them.