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This page is specially created to address the concerns you might have on our online classes.

Read on to find out more!


👇Germinate online sessions – what to expect👇

1. We will send out an email with the notes in advance. You can save it down for your child’s usage.

Please be reminded that students and parents are not allowed to share or disseminate any material by Germinate to anyone who is not a student from Germinate. 
All the content and images are the property of Germinate and they are protected by copyright
We appreciate your respect for our materials. Please refer to our T&C for details.



2. Prior to the first online session, you may choose to:
3. On the day of the session,
  • You will receive a scheduled email reminder 5-10 mins before the class. Click on our classroom zoom meeting id link.
  •  We encourage students to be punctual in logging in at the scheduled time as the masterclass will commence according to the schedule given.  

👇 Once the Zoom page is launched, click on “Open Zoom Meetings”


👇 When signing in, remember to put down your child’s name for Teacher Jayce/Germinate Admin to take attendance.


👇 When you join the meeting, you may be placed in a “waiting room” first. You should see the below screen.


👇 Teacher Jayce/ Germinate Admin will take attendance and admit your child to the classroom.

👇We advise students to join with video first so Teacher Jayce can see them, similar to a class setting. 


👇 Sample screenshot in Zoom

== === === === === === === === === === === ===


🤔 Will other students see or hear each other?

Students should keep their video on so Teacher Jayce can see them, similar to a class setting.
During the lesson, Teacher Jayce will mute the students’ audio and will unmute the students’ audio during class discussion.

Student can keep their video and audio sharing on or off by using the toggle buttons as screenshot below:


For some form of privacy, do note that there is an option to put up a virtual background in Zoom.


🤔 Can student ask questions during the session?

Yes, please go ahead and type your questions in the chatbox function as screenshot below
Teacher Jayce will choose a convenient time to answer your questions. 
Alternatively, students can ask question using the audio function during class discussion time.
Just remember to unmute!
Students can also choose to raise/lower hand to get Teacher Jayce’s attention.


🤔 What good practices can I share with my child to ensure he learns effectively each session?
During the lesson, Teacher Jayce will be going through some questions and students can try to answer in real time. Your child may be called upon to type his or her answer into the chat box function as he would typically be called to give an answer in a physical classroom. If you would like to harness the use of a mobile device, you can also take a photo of his answer and send it via WhatsApp to Teacher Jayce.
You can either have a physical copy of the worksheet or a soft copy of the worksheet opened using a PDF annotating tool for your child to write in his answers while they are being explained. 
If there are additional queries, your child can also send it via email to Teacher Jayce at, and he will look at it over the course of the week.
For regular class, Teacher Jayce may assign some homework after each class. Your child should continue to get his homework done BEFORE the lesson so feedback on his or her answers when Teacher Jayce goes through the questions can be done promptly during the lesson. This will be similar to how lessons are conducted in physical classroom. It would be best to have a physical copy of the worksheet for your child to correct his answers while they are being explained. 


🤔I am concerned that my child cannot concentrate during an online session?
We fully understand your concern. 
Lessons will function “live” and teaching will be modified to suit an online class delivery mode with on-spot teaching instruction and feedback with Teacher Jayce.
Please encourage your child to embrace learning online and be participative in each session!
This mode of delivery is the best we can offer with the new measures in place and we want to assure you that the feedback from online lessons conducted so far has been very positive.
Our children are very adaptive and tech savvy so let’s give them all the support we can 💪💪


🤔 Do we need to print the notes/practise papers?  I do not have a printer, can i pick up the physical notes anywhere?
For parents who may have problems printing hard copy, we will provide an instructional guide on how to go paperless using a PDF annotating tool. This is a good solution as it’s environmentally friendly and prevents unnecessary commuting during a time like this.


🤔 I just read recent news report about video conferencing tool security issues. I am concern about zoom security.

Please be assured that there are safe ways to use Zoom and we have taken the relevant steps outlined below to minimize abuses that might compromise the safety of our students: 

1. All Germinate classes have a meeting room password.

2. We also have a waiting room in place for added security. This means that the teacher will allow students into the Zoom meeting at any point of time. Anyone who is not a student, and tries to enter the room will not be able to do so.

3. The teacher is the only one who can share screen in all classes.

4. We have also disabled the ability to share files and images from participants other than the teacher.

5. Students are also not able to share messages privately in their own chats except to the teacher.

We thank you for entrusting your child into our care. We do not take this responsibility lightly, and we are on the lookout for alternative video conferencing tool to assess if they can be a good fit for our classroom needs.

In the meantime, we will continue to take the necessary measures to ensure that your child is able to continue learning in a safe online environment.


== === === === === === === === === === === ===

🎁Tips for a smoother connection🎁

1) If you’re using Wi-Fi, choose the Wi-Fi network ends with “5G” or “5GHz”. 
For example:
2) For a better viewing experience, we strongly encourage you to use a desktop/ laptop/ tablet.
3) If the internet connection appears to be slow, there are many reasons behind it. It could be a problem with your modem or router, Wi-Fi signal, signal strength on your cable line, devices on your network saturating your bandwidth and etc. You may want to switch to another device and try again. 
  === === === === === === === === === === === ===  
👉 Rest assured that we will do our best to ensure that Germinate students continue to receive the learning and support needed at home over this period. 
Additionally, Teacher Jayce will avail his support and availability for students who need clarifications on their answers and learning over this period via email or whatsapp.  
🙂 Please feel free to contact us if you have further concerns or questions.

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