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This page is specially created to share Germinate’s Response in managing our classes during this Covid-19 Outbreak.

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[UPDATED: 24 APRIL 2020]




1. Will lessons still carry on?

Yes, all lessons are now online. With the extension of COVID-19 Circuit Breaker period, we have made corresponding changes to our Regular Class term schedules to ensure a smooth flow and minimal disruption to learning. We are conducting all lessons online via Zoom. Find out more about how we conduct our online classes and best practices here. 

2. Will the quality of teaching be affected because of the change to online modes?

  • Our lesson delivery, and teaching  processes remain the same and are conducted via a “live” delivery mode where we encourage student engagement. We expect to continue helping students make improvements in their learning regardless and have tailored our lessons to suit online delivery modes so learning can still happen effectively. In this outbreak, we endeavour to do our best for our students in spite of the given constraints and circumstances.
  • All online lessons will be conducted during the original time slots that your child has been attending, minimising any disruption to our students’ schedule. To facilitate quality interaction, we ensure that classes online do not exceed a maximum of 12 to ensure a good amount of attention will be given to every child online.

3. What if my child encounters technical disruptions or misses parts of the lesson?

Not to worry.  We record each online session and will send the links to parents via email. In doing so, we hope to provide the value add of ensuring that students can, at any point, revisit parts of the lesson, and review their learning where necessary. In cases where students miss the entire lesson due to technical fault or connectivity issues, they can either schedule a replacement lesson at an alternative slot or  they can do self-directed learning through the replay videos.

4. What else is Germinate doing to support my child’s online learning?

  • Apart from lesson time, we welcome parents to consult with us directly if their child needs additional clarification on questions. This can be done via email or WA.
  • We are also offering a dedicated season of free PSLE LIVE Online sharing in Primary Science Topics over this period to better support parents and children in their learning.  Teacher Jayce will personally share tips and strategies on a variety of online topics over this period. Simply click here to register to be part of our learning community and be informed of the next sharing date! 
  • Additionally, we have two parent support groups: “PSLE Science Parent Support” and “Science Dad SG Masterclass Group” on Facebook. Parents can choose to access help through posting science questions and queries and also be updated from time to time on our concept tips and strategies. This platform is open to all  parents so simply search for the above and send us a membership request today!


5. Will there be any revision/ discount to fees during the suspension of centre-based tuition programmes?

  • We have weighed heavily about fee adjustments over this period of suspension. Similar to face to face lessons, our online lessons are still taught with the same teacher, methodology and expertise. We have also maintained our class sizes to ensure quality teaching and learning. To our best knowledge, there is no compelling reason for us to reduce fees as we do not feel that our lesson quality has been unduly compromised. Our commitment and approach to to our Germinate family remains the same. As a small centre, we do not take lightly your trust and support in us and do our best within the limitations of our current resources. 
  • In addition, we have devoted time and invested resources to help make learning online easier for our students. From troubleshooting through annotating tools,  free LIVE sharings,  FB groups and personal consults where needed, we hope to address students learning needs responsively and attentively.  We strongly believe these initiatives and avenues of support add value and benefit our student’s learning. 
  • While we are aware that other centres have reduced fees, we believe they do so for a variety of reasons: a change in lesson duration, increased class sizes or the inability to deliver confidently and effectively through an online platform. We don’t think we have significantly compromised our ability to deliver the same quality of teaching as before.

6. Is Germinate doing anything for students and parents who are badly hit by the Covid-19 outbreak?

  • As a local business with a small team to support ourselves, we can identify and feel for the challenges that our students and parents face during this Covid-19 period. During this time, we have thought of how best to support our students and families in a more meaningful way in tandem with managing the resources and constraints as a small business entity.
  • Current parents should contact us if some financial assistance is needed over next term. At the same time and in good faith, we sincerely hope that customers in a better financial standing can continue to support us so we can continue to render help to affected students.
  • We want to assure parents our student’s growth and wellbeing remains our utmost priority and this guides our values and decision-making as a business.
  • For parents who have been supportive since Day One of our journey, we are truly appreciative of your support and faith in us. Our student’s growth and wellbeing remains our utmost priority and this guides our values and decision-making as a business.


7. I am interested to register my child for an online trial lesson at Germinate. How should I go about it?

Thank you for your interest! Please visit our registration page here and leave your contact details so that we can get back to you about the enrolment process. Our class schedule is online and we do recommend you check with us with regards to class vacancies. We hope that we will be a good fit and support for your child over this period! 


💖Thank you for taking time to read our FAQ about our approach and values in managing this Covid-19 crisis.

At Germinate🌱, we stand with you and your family over this trying period! 

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