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Calling Primary 4, 5 & 6 Parents…

Are you aware of the latest trends in PSLE Science 2016-2018?

This is a PSLE 2018 question that uses a NEW situation, that your child may not have experienced before.

Unripe bananas are green and contain chlorophyll.

a) Bananas curve upwards when growing. Suggest a reason why bananas grow upwards.

b) Ripe bananas are yellow and give out gas Y. Prius wants to investigate whether gas Y will help unripe bananas to ripen more quickly. He has only the fruits below. He may use some or all of them.

Fruit Quantity
ripe banana 2
unripe banana 2

Prius use two identical clear containers for his investigation. What fruit(s) should he put inside the container for each setup?

Introducing “The BANANA” Question…

Everyone has seen bananas. But do you know why bananas curve upwards? Perhaps you may. But your child may not…

  • Is your child ready to tackle the familiar, yet be ready to face the unexpected?
  • Why do there seem to be questions in EVERY Science paper that throws students off and cause them to doubt their answers, no matter how prepared?
  • Avoid the snares, catches and pitfalls that may potentially happen in this informative 2-hour session for parents on trending PSLE Science Questions! 



This parent workshop aims to equip parents with a good understanding of what is expected in PSLE-type questions and how BEST to prepare for it.


  • A Year-by-Year Analysis of Trending PSLE Questions (2016/17/18) – their features, patterns & characteristics.
  • Benefit by learning what topics bear weight and what conceptual emphasis there is in the PSLE Science Exams.


  • The Critical Question Requirements that appear in EVERY Science paper. Be familar with questions requirements in open ended questions and MCQ question structures. {For example, how many times the word “Describe” appears in PSLE 2017 and how to go about answering that.}


  • Find out what concepts and commonly tested questions you can expect for every PSLE Science paper so that you can master them well {and yet there are still surprises!}


  • Strategies to tackle non-routine Open ended Questions {that throw students off} and how to prepare for them!


  • Understand WHY students face difficulty answering the PSLE Way: The 3 BIG mistakes that students make in their Open Ended Questions and how the P.E.A.K Science Heuristics methodology can change that.

Minimizing the UNKNOWNS in PSLE Science

Hi, my name is Jayce Or, and I am a PSLE Science Specialist. In my 16 years of teaching Primary Science in MOE schools and in tuition centers, I have observed the trends and patterns in the setting of Science questions in the PSLE and in schools.

As a experienced former PSLE Science marker, I am also more than familiar with the challenges that students face in trying to improve their Science grades.

Here are some that your child may already be experiencing:

1. Your child cannot seem to answer according to what the question demands.

2. He/She fails to pick out the correct clues in the question.

3. He/She cannot write answers to satisfy the full awarding of marks.

4. There seem to be ways of explaining and presenting his answer that is wrong.

4. He/She is stumped when faced with entirely new kinds of questions in situations that they have never seen or practiced before.


A Systematic Approach to Tackling PSLE Science

Over the years, I have developed the simple and proven PEAK™ Science Heuristics methodology that has helped hundreds of students unlock the tools for understanding and processing questions at a glance.

Simply put, many of my students achieve 1-2 grade improvements by the next exam.

At each run of my Primary Science Masterclassesparents will approach me to share more on how to guide their children wherever they are at.

There’s no one size fits all strategy.

Some students are weak in concept mastery. Some need to hone their understanding of question requirements. Others, need an added push to clarify why they are lacking the right techniques to score in their answers.

As an experienced and seasoned former PSLE Marker, I know how to dissect this and make this all easily understandable to you. 

In this session, you will see clearly how Science questions are formulated and feel less intimidated on what is expected in the PSLE Science Exam.

You will also pick up timely strategies to help your child prepare well with the recent question types seen in PSLE papers.

Parents SEMINAR:

Trending PSLE Science Questions 

I will be conducting a Parent Workshop: Trending PSLE Science Questions to reach out to parents out there who need support on how to guide their child towards a successful approach to PSLE Science!

Here at Germinate, we focus on the real dealCONTENT analysis of our observations of PSLE Science by seasoned PSLE Science Specialist and experienced former PSLE marker Jayce Or.

Our parents seminar is invested in helping parents better understand the requirements and standards of recent PSLE Science trends to help you and your child be better prepared for it!

Why are we doing this?
𝗘𝗱𝘂𝗰𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻: We sincerely believe in reaching out and educating more parents on how to journey with their children through PSLE Science. The journey is much more enjoyable with the right approach, right strategies and right guidance! Why waste time getting frustrated on ineffective methods?!

𝗘𝘅𝘁𝗿𝗮 𝗩𝗮𝗹𝘂𝗲:: Ours is NOT a typical free workshop aka sales talk that other centres use to promote their services… and this is why. Apart from sharing propriety material easily valued at close to $200/participant, we want to equip parents with a detailed understanding on heavily weighted evergreen topics that feature prominently Year after year and strategies to clarify and strengthen your advantage for PSLE Science Success!
All for only $40 per ticket!

𝗘𝘅𝗽𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲: Germinate’s Principal, seasoned PSLE Marker & PSLE Science Specialist, Jayce Or, brings with him over 17 years experience as a PSLE Science expert who knows the ins and outs to help parents support their child’s revision:

Here’s what some parents have said after OUR WORKSHOPS: 


“Hi Jayce, thanks for the Trending PSLE Science Questions workshop earlier. I really appreciate how you have summarised the past 3 years’ papers and provided such a clear visual overview of the breakdown/weightage of each topic; and also the type of skills E would need to have to tackle the questions. It’s useful that you cut through the tons of contents and singled out the difficult questions/topics in the 2 hours. It definitely helped me to empathise with E the amount of hard work she needs to put in. It’s my second parent workshop with you, and like the one last August, I walked away with a renewed focus on how to coach E in her CA next week. Thanks for being the ready helpline E can tap on whenever she has questions.” ~ HS, mother of E, P6.

With the info shared in the workshop, I am at least not so lost as to how I can identify my boy’s weakness. Thks to Jayce for your sincerity and selfless sharing!”~Cara, mother of P6 J

“It was a useful workshop as it has helped me better understand specific question requirements. I am more confident of guiding my son in tweaking his answers to suit the questions. Also appreciate the ‘secret’ info and tips! Thank you, Jayce. ~Shoba, mother of H, p6 

“A good sharing where i learnt about some of the techniques used in the science PSLE papers. I think this will allow me to share with my sons how to handle the questions in both sections A and B. Informing us about how the questions are set and the topics involved was really useful.’ ~ Aneesah, mother of P6

“It is informative. Handouts are useful and clear, using real PSLE past questions to better explain the trend. Mr Or is both friendly and approachable.’ ~ Lay Khoon, mother of P6




Instructor Profile

Jayce Or, Principal of Germinate

PSLE Science Specialist,

M Ed, PGDE (Pri), B Eng


Mr Jayce Or is a seasoned educator and curriculum designer for Science, with at least 16 years of teaching and training experience in MOE schools and in various large tuition centers across the island. A graduate of the prestigious Melbourne Graduate School of Education, ranked the Number 1 Graduate School of Education Worldwide (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2014-2015), Jayce is known for his specialist knowledge in Science and Environment Education and is a thought leader in modern pedagogical trends and instruction. Jayce founded Germinate in 2016 to meet the needs of students who need the strong process skills foundations and the real-world curiosity in their approach to learning Science.

An experienced Science Curriculum Specialist and PSLE Science marker, Jayce is well-versed in coaching students in the challenges of PSLE Science Answering Techniques. He has developed his own P.E.A.K™ method of Science Heuristics in accordance with MOE’s Primary Science syllabus, which has proven to help 100s of students decode the strategies to achieve confidence and significant improvement in their grades.

Jayce is also a skillful PSLE coach who has conducted many Science enrichment workshops including whole day P5 and P6 workshops, Science Process Skills workshops for parents and Science exploratory excursions to Singapore Science Centre. In the two primary schools that he was teaching previously, he played a key role in establishing strategic partnerships with external partners such as NEA, Panasonic, South East CDC, Tetrapak Singapore. He has led a team of teachers to win the MOE Outstanding Contribution Award (Team) for Environment Education in 2013 and a student team to win the NEA-Panasonic Eco-Champions Project Competition (ECPC) 2011. Jayce also possesses a robotics training background from the Singapore Science Centre.

His passion is to help every child learn to appreciate and use science concepts in their everyday situations and achieve better results in the process.



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