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Lower Block P4 Concept mastery Masterclass

This series of Lower Block Science Content Booster Masterclasses aim to:

1. Help students achieve clarity and focus on key concepts in Primary 4.

2. With a special emphasis on grasping core scientific principles in Physical Science & Life Science  in accordance with the MOE syllabus.

3. Bring conceptual understanding alive with hands on demonstrations with application to Science questions.


In this 6 hour masterclass, your child gets to:

☑️ Clarify and simplify the mastery of key concepts through Germinate’s Concept Mastery Approach.

☑️  Zoom in on significant concepts and eradicating common misconceptions & blindspots in topics that only experienced teachers know about.

☑️ Discover concept hacks and make connections between concept demonstrations and Science Questions.

☑️ Learn strategies that will help you identify and apply concepts to write scientific answers.

☑️ Practice on curated questions that test conceptual rigour and hone answering skills.


Topics covered:

🌟 Physical Science (Lower Block): Light, Heat and Magnets with science demonstrations & videos.
🌟 Life Science (Lower Block): Life Cycles, Plant System and Digestive System



Your science coach: Teacher Jayce Or

 Founder & Principal of Germinate Training & Consultancy, PSLE Science Strategist, Author, P5/6 Author of Marshall Cavendish Science Test X-Tra, former experienced PSLE Science marker with more than 20 years of Science Coaching in both MOE & private industry.
Knows the ins and out of PSLE Science. Coached thousands of parents & students on how to dissect HOW Science questions are formulated and feel less intimidated on what is expected in the PSLE Science Exam and recent question types in PSLE papers.
♦ Affectionately known as Science Dad Sg,  Jayce is a father of 6 kids and teacher to many more students. He believes in empowering parents to support their children in understanding the demands and requirements of primary science to better journey with them. Teaches children Heart Science not just Hard Science🧪! His passion is impacting his students to grow a deep interest and love for the subject…beyond merely just grades alone!






Date: 19 & 20 Oct 2022 (Wed & Thur, PSLE Marking Days)

Time: 9am – 12noon (3hrs x 2days = Total 6hrs)

Venue: Online Via Zoom

Fee: $268



2 sessions x 3 hours of live online learning with Teacher Jayce

Real time feedback with “live” classroom interaction and on-spot review of answers

Replay access to online class for 2 weeks

Additional support of queries via email for 2 weeks

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1. Organizer reserves the right to change the venue and timing.
2. Organizer requires a minimum of 6 participants for class to commence.
3. Slot can only be confirmed when payment has been made on a first come first served basis. 
4. All participants need a confirmation email of payment received from the organizer. 
5. For online event, only one login is allowed for each confirmed signup. We will send you the zoom login details and softcopy handouts 3-5 days before the date.
6. There will be no refund 14 days prior to event.
7. If participant fails to turn up on actual day, there will be no refund or makeup.
8. In the event that the session is cancelled due to insufficient number of participants, the fees would be refunded.
9. By attending this event, I understand that my child may be photographed during the workshop for marketing purposes. I agree to allow my child’s photo, video or film likeness to be used, without compensation for communication purposes, including, but not limited to the website, social media sites and the press by the event holders.